Chapter 3 now available!


The Raven now available on Xbox Live

Gamepad-aficionados can now follow the art burglar's trademark black feathers

All three episodes of The Raven, 'The Eye of the Sphinx', 'Ancestry Of Lies', and 'A Murder Of Ravens' are being released on Xbox Live for Xbox 360 simultaneously today. The version for Sony's PLAYSTATION®Network will be released in Q1 2014.

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Episode 2
Episode 3

"We've put everything into the console version to deliver the same experience on different peripheral devices," says Martin Kreuch, Producer at Nordic Games. "Working with the Unity Engine opens a lot of opportunities in this regard, but like almost every engine, also creates certain challenges. Together with the KING Art team, however, we managed to overcome them."

"It was a unique challenge to translate the classic controls of an Adventure game to something that work well on consoles," says Arne von Öhsen, Programmer at KING Art. "We think we managed exactly that and eagerly await the feedback from the console community."

All three episodes for The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief are out today on Xbox Live for Xbox 360 and are also available for PC (Windows/MAC/Linux).

The third and last chapter is now available

In "A Murder Of Ravens" it is all about the big finale. In order to fulfil the responsibility of a true investigator, and eventually capture me, your investigative skills will be put to the test.

With thievish regards,


The thrilling second chapter Ancestry Of Lies is now available

Greetings fellow detectives and art burglars!
The second chapter of the Raven is now available. In Ancestry Of Lies, players will switch perspective for the first time and take on the heist part of the story.
Be prepared for an enthralling extravaganza in the ‘whodunit’/'heist' adventure department.
Catch/Play me if you can,

First ingame trailer for The Eye Of The Sphinx with commentary by KING Art.

Today we reveal the first in-game trailer with audio commentary by KING Art for The Eye Of The Sphinx, the first chapter of The Raven – Legacy of Master of Thief, available to download for PC, MAC, Linux on July 23rd

The trailer, narrated by Marco Rosenberg, Executive Producer at King Art, gives an insight into the adventures that can be experienced during the first chapter The Eye Of The Sphinx. Rosenberg explains that the game pays tribute to the classic Agatha Christie crime stories combined with the gangster movies from the 60s and 70s. Split into three chapters, the game offers the unique opportunity to experience the story from two different sides as they get to play the part of both the investigator and the thief.

Watch the trailer here.

New Screenshots of "The Raven"

There are many new pictures to discover in the screenshot section!

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The Raven Finds its Voice

Nordic Games have now finished the recordings for its stunning fast-paced point and click adventure, The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief, which has been brought to life in English and German, releasing in June 2013 for PC.

The Raven Blog tracks the journey of the KING Art development team. The latest edition to the blog gives you the behind-the-scenes look at the work that has gone into adding voice-acting into the game to breathe life into the characters.

For more information on the Raven please see The Raven Facebook page

The Raven Blog is online

Nordic Games and KING Art have released a new developer diary blog for The Raven – Legacy of a master thief, giving players a behind the scenes exclusive look of the highly anticipated release on PC in 2013.

>> The Raven Blog

The Raven on Facebook

The Raven Facebook page is now online, where your curiosity about the masterthief and his fast paced adventures will be covered with brand new artworks, screenshots and much more information.

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The Raven

KING Art and Nordic Games announcing „The Raven“ / First impressions at Gamescom

Set across 1960’s Europe, The Raven is a stunning fast-paced point and click adventure journeying through thrilling and dense atmospheres with the aim of catching the art burglar, "The Raven". Players follow the Raven’s trademark black feather clues to capture the thief and to protect a legendary sapphire, the “Eye of the Sphinx” on its journey from Switzerland to Egypt.

This criminal tale – full of twists and turns – immerses the player in both sides of the story, the investigators’, as well as the thief’s, thereby combining elements of ‘Whodunit’ with a Heist-story.

At this year’s Gamescom, a first-look demo will be showcased, along with other game assets in the business area at the Nordic Games booth.