To be honest… it was a little bit quiet in the blog the last weeks. This happened with good reason though: We were up to our ears in the development of Battle Worlds: Kronos and the completion of „The Raven … Continue reading

We are right in the middle of delivery for our new point & click adventure The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief. We’ve taken an unusual approach for a lot of things this time and can’t wait to see … Continue reading

“Paris, 1960: The young French investigator Nicolas Legrand is closer than anyone has ever been to tracking down the ‘Raven’, a master thief wanted all over the world. He singlehandedly prevents the crook from pulling off a coup, followed by … Continue reading

The vocal recordings for The Raven are finished and the game finally has a voice—in English as well as German. We spent nearly 20 days cooped up in studios in Berlin and London and we’re exhausted but very happy.   … Continue reading

The child has a name! Our new adventure game is now officially called “The Raven – Legacy of a master thief”. The current status is as follows: The texts and puzzle design are finished. Early next year we will do … Continue reading

Hallo everyone, my name is Benny Oschmann and I’m the composer for “The Book of Unwritten Tales” and “The Critter Chronicles”. I’ve been cooperating with KING Art since 2008 and for the latest Adventure “The Raven” I once again have … Continue reading

This week I started checking the writing for “The Raven” another time, before I then have to check it the last and final time. I went through most of the texts about 10 times, some even 20 or more times. … Continue reading

In August we presented „The Raven“ for the first time at the Gamescom in Cologne. Together with our partner Nordic Games we showed an very early demo behind closed doors (after we had been in production for about three months). … Continue reading

A lot of this blog will revolve around the games that we’re working on at the moment. Which are luckily some very diverse projects. The Critter Chronicles (English version) – The add-on to „The Book of Unwritten Tales“. Der Rabe … Continue reading